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Q. What is the purpose of Brazil Bibles?
We are an organization that seeks to distribute Bibles and (children) literature to all individuals within Brazil, irregardless of personal situations. We are Christians who believe that the Word of God should be spread to all parts of the world, to affect a positive change. We are associated with Brother Jim Missions,

Q. Who receives the Bibles?
Any person that lives in a project area that arrives in time when being distributed.

Q. How are the Bibles distributed?
Through a central community bi-monthly used-clothes gathering place.

Q. Do the people distributing the Bibles also preach to the recipients?
We only distribute the Bibles and literature, nothing else in that regards. There is no preaching or proselytizing involved in the distribution of the Bibles. If the recipients later decide to visit a church of their choice that is where they can hear the spoken Word.

Q. What are the versions of Bibles distributed?
Dependent upon a household’s religious preference we offer NIV versions, Pastoral versions and Children’s versions of the Bible. We do not seek to change a person’s religious affiliation through the distribution of Bibles, the version the recipient prefers, if available, is given.


Q. Are the recipients charged for the Bibles?
No- all Bibles are given Free of charge with no strings attached and with no single church endorsement.

Q. How much does a Bible cost to be distributed?
We accept any amount of donation, which is then used to purchase from regional suppliers the different versions of the Bible previously mentioned. In general $10 will purchase a Pastoral Bible, $20 for a NIV and $15 for a Children’s (illustrated) Bible.

Q. When are the Bibles distributed?
Whenever possible.

Q. Are donations used for any other purposes?
Donations are used only for the purchasing of Bibles or in the case of additional funds will be used for the free distribution of water (or well development) in the project area with our associate organization Let’s Build Wells (a part of Brother Jim Missions, ). All individuals involved in the distribution of the Bibles and Goodwill are volunteers- no one is paid. 100% of donations are used for this.

Q. How do I donate?
Click here for donation information.





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